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The Granada Hills History Project
originally began as an effort to gather stories, photographs and other images of Granada Hills through the decades for use in the forthcoming pictorial history Granada Hills.


While collecting material for the book, it was discovered that many of the institutions expected to have archives of material related to Granada Hills’ past didn’t. Much of the material was lost over time, either through mishandling or items that were lent out and never returned. Whole archives were lost in the 1971 and 1994 earthquakes or through accidental fires.  In some cases, families not able to keep boxes of old photographs and material simply threw everything away, not imagining it would be of any historic interest.


For this reason, I have decided to continue The Granada Hills History Project, in conjunction with groups such as the Old Granada Hills Residents Group, the Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce and the San Fernando Valley Historical Society.


There is strong interest in eventually forming a Granada Hills Historical Society to collect and preserve photographs and other ephemera related to the colorful history of Granada Hills. There is even talk of another book, perhaps focusing on the 1950s and 1960s or the area known as “Old Granada Hills.”


Anyone interested in learning more about these efforts or that may have material related to the history of Granada Hills is encouraged to contact The Granada Hills History Project, so that we might help you find a way to help preserve this material for future generations. You can also share your memories and let us know about any photographs or other memorabilia you may have through the “Share Your Memories” page of this web site.
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Remember Granada Hills will be available in bookstores starting July 23, 2007!

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The Granada Hills History Project.

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